Construction AccidentConstruction Accident: Your Rights and Your Compensation

December 20, 2023

Were you injured while working on a construction site? Did you get hurt while you were just doing your job? If you were hurt while working construction, you can be eligible for workers compensation. However, in certain circumstances, victims of a construction accident could also be eligible for a personal injury claim as well. Here at Gratt & Associates, we have years of experience in helping those harmed on construction sites to receive the maximum compensation they deserve. 

How to Tell If You Have a Personal Injury Claim

As someone working construction, the law says that you deserve to have “reasonable and adequate protection.” General contractors, property owners, and other parties have to take action to make certain that the construction site you’re working on is safe. You need to be provided sufficient safety equipment, potential dangers must be taken care of, and so forth. 

Compensation You Can Receive 

If you suffer a personal injury on a construction site, you can recover money for the income that you lost on account of being unable to work. Additionally, you can recover compensation for your medical bills as well. That includes medications, therapy, doctor’s visits, and the like – any medical bills related to your injury. If you file for workers’ compensation, you are limited to these. 

However, if you have a personal injury claim, you can also recover compensation for your pain and suffering, for your emotional distress, if you’ve lost enjoyment in life, loss of consortium, and so much more. When you sit down with us, we’ll go over your case and let you know which forms of compensation you may be eligible for. 

Who May Be Liable for Your Personal Injury Claim 

When you sign with us, we’ll conduct a thorough investigation to find any and all parties liable for your accident. For example, maybe you suffered your accident because the construction machinery you were working on was defective. Thus, the manufacturer, the designer, or similar parties could be liable. 

If you were injured due to a building collapsing or some sort of structural issue with the building, then it’s entirely possible that the building was designed improperly. Or, alternatively, maybe the inspection was not done correctly. Thus, the building’s architect, engineer, or others could be held liable. We’ll find the truth and use it for your case. 

Gratt & Associates: Ready to Help 

If they fail to do that and you’re injured as a direct result of that, then you could have a personal injury claim. In fact, if you believe there’s any possibility whatsoever that you may have been harmed in such a manner, it’s worth it to reach out to us for a free case evaluation. 

Many who had a strong construction accident case didn’t realize it, and only during a free case evaluation did they learn the truth. We work on contingency. That means that you don’t have to pay us for our services unless we win. Even then, our payment will come out of your eventual settlement. 

To schedule a free case evaluation, complete the contact form at our site or call.

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