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Personal Injury

We are focused on personal injury cases, securing deserved compensation for victims of various types of accidents.


Years of Work

We are an experienced personal injury firm in New York. Gratt & Associates P.C. is dedicated to winning for over 20 years.

Your Experienced Advocates for Personal Injury Cases in New York City

Have you been injured in a vehicular accident? Did you slip, fall, and suffer an injury? Do you need an attorney who’s always willing to fight for you? Gratt & Associates P.C. are available right now. A personal injury firm that handles cases in New York City and the surrounding boroughs, Gratt & Associates P.C. has been aggressively representing clients and winning for more than two decades. Now, we can put that experience to work for you.

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Personal Injury Experts

Our main area of concentration is personal injury litigation. Over the years, we’ve represented victims of automobile accidents, slips/trips/falls, construction accidents, premise accidents, medical malpractice, and so many other cases where our clients were harmed due to someone else’s recklessness and/or negligence. In that time, we’ve been able to get thousands of clients the compensation they deserved.

Maximum Benefits

Maximum Benefits

The compensation we’ve helped our clients to recover can include money for medical bills, rehab, pain, suffering, and so much more. Gratt & Associates treat every client with the respect, compassion, and professionalism that they deserve.
Guiding Our Clients

Guiding Our Clients

For us, it’s all about helping our clients to reach a successful outcome. We take great pride in client communication. That said, we are grateful to have been recognized as “Top Attorneys of North America.”

Empowering Stories of Justice and Recovery: Client Testimonials for Gratt & Associates P.C.

“I was involved in a serious car accident and had no idea where to turn. Gratt & Associates P.C. took care of everything, from medical bills to negotiating with the insurance company. Their dedication and expertise ensured I received the compensation I deserved. I’m forever grateful.”


“After a slip and fall incident left me injured, I was overwhelmed with the legal process. Gratt & Associates P.C. stood by me every step of the way. Their professionalism and relentless pursuit of justice secured a favorable outcome, providing me the support I needed during a challenging time.”


“I can’t thank Gratt & Associates P.C. enough for their exceptional representation. They took on my medical malpractice case and showed unmatched determination. Their legal team’s attention to detail and fierce advocacy not only brought me justice but also helped prevent similar incidents from happening to others.”


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We understand that, when you’ve been hurt in an accident, you need an attorney who keeps you in the loop. To that end, our firm is available 24/7 to our clients. You can always reach out to us for a free consultation. If you believe that there’s some chance that you could have a case, it’s always worth it to talk to an attorney. You can reach us through our site or at:

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