Medical Malpractice CaseHow to Tell If You Have a Medical Malpractice Case

November 10, 2023

Did you or someone you love receive medical care that caused an injury? If so, you may have a medical malpractice case. These cases can be very complex. It’s not med-mal just because someone is injured when they go to receive medical care. However, if you believe there’s even a slight chance you could have a case, it’s worth it to reach out to Gratt & Associates for a free case evaluation. 

During that, an experienced Med-Mal attorney will let you definitely know the truth about your situation as well as how Gratt & Associates may be able to help. 

What is Medical Malpractice? 

Essentially, if a healthcare professional or facility fails to care for someone, (to use the words of the New York City Bar Association), “occurs when a doctor, health care professional, hospital or other health care facility fails to care for someone in accordance with the accepted standards of the medical profession and the person is injured, becomes ill, or a condition or illness worsens as a result,” then med-mal has been committed. 

This is one of the major reasons that it’s so important to reach out to an attorney who knows med-mal: it can be difficult to prove that a medical care professional or facility failed to act as they should. 

What Has to Be Proven in a Med-Mal Case? 

To successfully prove a Med-Mal case (as Gratt & Associates has done many times in the past), it must be shown that you were being treated as a patient by the medical professional you’re accusing of Med-Mal. Additionally, it has to be proven that this medical professional was negligent in a way that, specifically, caused your injuries, caused your loss. 

On that subject, it has to be shown that your injuries and loss are significant, that they merit damages. When you sit down with Gratt & Associates, they will be able to determine if your case meets this standard. Many clients over the years weren’t sure if they had a case or not, only to discover that they actually had a strong one. 

What Compensation Can You Receive for a Med-Mal Case? 

You can recover compensation to pay for any medical bills that you may be facing as a result of your injury. Additionally, you can recover any wages you lost due to being unable to work from the injury itself. You can even recover compensation for your pain, your suffering, and much more. Those are just some of the forms of damages that you can claim in a med-mal case. 

How Can Gratt & Associates Help? 

Following a free case evaluation, Gratt & Associates can take your case and represent you aggressively and competently. Working on contingency, you won’t have to pay out of pocket for their services. Rather, Gratt & Associates payment will come out of your eventual settlement. Should you have been hurt due to the malpractice of a medical professional, you may be due significant compensation. 

In our state, the statute of limitations on med-mal cases is two and a half years. The sooner you contact an attorney, the better. Schedule a free case evaluation today by calling. 

Medical Malpractice Case

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