Trip & FallWhat to Do After a Trip and Fall Injury

December 1, 2023

Did you trip, fall, and suffer an injury? Were you or someone you love harmed when you fell on another’s property? If their negligence directly led to your injury, you may have a trip and fall case. Over the years, Gratt & Associates has helped many who were in the exact position you are right now. If there’s even a possibility that you may have been hurt by tripping and falling on another’s property, it’s worth it to schedule a free case evaluation with Gratt & Associates. 

Gather the Evidence 

If you trip, fall, and suffer an injury on someone’s property, if possible, get as much evidence as you can safely. Without putting yourself in the path of further harm, take pictures and videos of the accident scene. Focus on the unsafe condition that caused your accident. Take pictures and videos of your injuries as well. 

If there were witnesses, be sure to get their contact information and so forth. Any bit of evidence, no matter how small, could genuinely help your case. 

If Possible, File an Accident Report 

Many of the trip and fall accident cases that we’ve handled over the years occurred in some kind of store, whether it was a grocery store, department store, and so forth. If you trip, fall, and are hurt in one of those, file an accident report. 

Ask for the manager. Tell them what happened. They should document your version of the accident in an accident report. This can be invaluable in terms of bolstering your case. If it’s possible to do so, get a copy of the accident report before you leave the store. 

Get Medical Attention 

Hopefully, neither you nor anyone you love were injured in your trip and fall. Seek medical attention after your trip and fall. Do so even if it seems like you didn’t suffer any kind of injury whatsoever. 

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for someone to think that they didn’t suffer any kind of injury only to find that they suffered a significant one. You could be in shock, your injuries could be entirely internal, and so forth. Get checked out by a medical professional after you’ve been injured in a trip and fall. 

Reach Out to an Attorney With Trip and Fall Injury Experience 

Three years. That’s how long you have from the date of the accident to file a case. That may seem like a long period of time, but it can go very quickly. That’s especially true when you factor in the medical treatment, rehabilitation, recovery, and so forth. 

Here at Gratt & Associates, we can help you to receive compensation for all of that. You can recover damages for your medical bills, yes, but also for wages that you missed out on on account of not being able to work due to the injury. Additionally, you can be compensated for your pain, your suffering, and everything else that you’ve been through. 

To schedule a free case evaluation, contact us through our site or call.

Trip and Fall

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