Slip & FallWhat Can a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in NY Do?

November 30, 2023

Were you on someone else’s property when you slipped, fell, and were injured? If this happened to you, you very well may have a case. Gratt & Associates has helped many over the years who found themselves in the exact position you are now: dealing with the aftermath of an injury and unsure what comes next. During a free case evaluation with Gratt & Associates, an experienced slip and fall accident lawyer will talk to you about your situation and how the firm can help. This assistance can take many forms. 

Find the Truth of Your Case 

Gratt & Associates conducts a comprehensive investigation of every client’s case. That way, the firm can use the facts to make the best case on your behalf. So often, in a slip and fall accident case, the liable party was negligent in some way, which led to the accident. 

Maybe there was some kind of liquid on the floor, perhaps snow or ice was on a walkway, the lighting was not good enough, the railing was weak, or something similar – those are just some of the ways that a business owner could be liable for your accident. When Gratt & Associates take your case, they’ll find the truth. 

Represent You Aggressively 

Premises liability laws in NY state that the owner of a property has to maintain their property in  “reasonably safe condition.” Quotation marks were put around “reasonably safe” because, as you might imagine, that’s open to interpretation. 

Over the years, Gratt & Associates has a solid track record of proving that there was a hazardous condition on the premises that directly led to their clients’ injuries. Moreover, Gratt & Associates finds who was responsible for this hazard, whether it is the property owner or another party. 

Additionally, on behalf of their clients, the firm has shown that the liable party either knew about the hazard or created it, thus leading to your slip and fall. 

Help You Receive Maximum Compensation 

Slip and fall accidents can take a significant toll on victims. These accidents can lead to any number of injuries. Gratt & Associates has won big settlements for their clients, through negotiation or, if necessary, in court. 

You can receive compensation for your medical bills, medications, rehabilitation, and other medical costs that accrued as a result of your injury. By that same token, you can receive compensation for wages that you lost on account of being unable to work. 

You may also be eligible for compensation for your pain, your suffering, any loss of enjoyment of life, and other similar damages. 

Gratt & Associates: Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in NY 

After slipping, falling, and suffering an injury, it’s understandable if you don’t want to reach out to an attorney. However, doing so earlier rather than later can help your case. The statute of limitations on slip and fall accidents in NY is only three years. If you or someone you love has been hurt due to another’s negligence, you deserve compensation. Schedule a free case evaluation today by calling. 

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