Car AccidentYour NY Car Accident Lawyer’s Winter Survival Guide

February 20, 2024

City winters are charming, but let’s face it, sometimes treacherous. Think of it like a snow globe come to life. Those icy roads and snowy charming sidewalks don’t just make for an aesthetic part of the city, they also increase (greatly) car accidents. So let’s examine how we can ensure your safety and well-being throughout the winter months with the assistance and solid strategies from a NY car accident lawyer.

Pre-Winter Vehicle Check-Up

It’s important to get your car checked out thoroughly before winter completely arrives. Beginning with tires, it is imperative that they possess adequate tread to maintain traction on snow-covered roads. Furthermore, it is essential to understand that cold temperatures can lead to decreased tire pressure, thus diminishing grip.

Next, antifreeze plays a pivotal role in ensuring the optimal performance of the engine during the winter months. It facilitates the smooth functioning of the engine even in freezing temperatures. Ensuring the efficiency of heaters and defrosters, along with verifying the battery’s condition, constitutes essential preparatory measures that can significantly mitigate potential difficulties.

During the winter’s shorter and often foggy days, maximizing visibility becomes critical. Thus, attention must be given to the maintenance of wipers and lights. It is essential to remove ice and snow from turn signals, taillights, and headlights before you begin to travel. Additionally, wipers, serving as the primary defense against snow accumulation on the windshield, should be in prime condition, accompanied by an ample supply of freeze-resistant wiper fluid.

Driving Tips for Snow and Ice

When it comes to navigating treacherous road conditions, the fundamental principle is moderation, encompassing cautious braking, steering, and acceleration. Sudden movements and carelessness are sure ways that can lead to an accident. Should you find yourself skidding, gently steer in the desired direction. Also, it is recommended to increase the spacing between vehicles, taking into account that coming to a complete stop on ice pavement presents a significantly greater challenge compared to dry asphalt.

Planning your routes with care is another essential golden rule for winter driving. Stick to roads that are well-lit and more likely to have been plowed or treated with salt.  Furthermore, it’s okay to take your time, reducing your speed to match with the road conditions.  This approach not only displays skill and experience but also exemplifies the wisdom found in the proverb that arriving late is preferable to the alternative of not arriving at all.

What To Do After a Winter Accident

Let’s imagine, in spite of your best efforts, you wind up in a fender bender. First thing: maintain your composure. Verify everyone’s well-being and, if possible, relocate to a secure area. After that, begin recording everything by taking pictures of the accident scene, the damage, and any snow or ice that may have contributed to it. This is where the role of a NY car accident lawyer  enters the picture. We translate your winter accident situation into a language that insurance companies can understand. We will ensure that you are not left out in the cold by guiding you through the claims process.

Calling for medical assistance is essential if the accident involves injuries and goes beyond a little bump. Adrenaline high can make you not feel pain, even if the injuries appear small, some symptoms may not show up for hours. You don’t want to worsen any potential injuries, so stay warm and avoid moving anyone who is hurt until it’s absolutely essential as you wait for help to arrive.

Winter Wisdom from Gratt Law

Kevin Gratt has provided invaluable assistance to numerous clients navigating the complexities of winter accidents. His best advice is to seek professional guidance; attempting to manage such situations independently can be an unfavorable outcome. Winter accidents present many challenges, and the support of a skilled professional can significantly alter the outcome. Kevin Gratt, alongside his proficient team, is ready to offer comprehensive support, ranging from insurance matters and legal counsel to empathetic support in the aftermath.

Additionally, the team at Gratt & Associates advises maintaining a well-equipped car emergency kit, containing essentials such as non-perishable snacks, water, blankets, and a flashlight. These provisions can prove critical while awaiting rescue. In the unfortunate occurrence of an accident, the expertise of a seasoned NY car accident lawyer like Gratt & Associates ensures that you are adequately protected against potential oversights by insurance entities or related legal intricacies.

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Stay Safe and Prepared with Your NY Car Accident Lawyer

Remember that being prepared is essential, and understanding how to deal with icy circumstances is crucial. When it comes to legal assistance and dealing with insurance companies, having a trustworthy NY car accident lawyer can be a game changer. For over 20 years, Gratt & Associates P.C. has successfully defended clients in court. Our expertise is at your disposal now. Together, let’s face this winter by being warm and safe.

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